prospective innovation

We are not just stylers… Yes we have a brain and we use it….what is prospective innovation?

Prospective innovation is basically a way to find new solutions and new markets trough prospective studies, which means study the future.

How we do that?

We start from taking in count the history and the actual capabilities of your company, and what you are already offering, and we elaborate 3 scenarios of possible evolution of your market in the next, mid and long term future.

From those 3 scenarios we create a new unique concept that respond to the maximum of those scenarios.

But sometimes, prospective innovation can mean that you need a change, a change in your products, services or fabrication process. And not always you can do it alone, for example you can’t fabricate an specific material, so we’ll find it for you, that’s why we’re connecting companies together to achieve to better goals together.